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2025 Genesis G80: What You Need to Know

Genesis, the luxury division of Hyundai, launched a few years back here in the United States. I want to say around 2025 or so, on the backs of sedans. We had the G80, the G90, and the G70. Now, it’s all been confirmed at this point that the G70 is going to be discontinued, the smallest sedan in the lineup.

Introduction of the Electrified G80

2025 Genesis G80
2025 Genesis G80

In Korea today, they announced the new electrified G80. Now, the electrified G80 is probably still my favorite EV I’ve ever driven: great luxury, great power, really efficient, charges fast, and it looks great. It’s an old-school luxury feel with a new-school powertrain; it’s fantastic.

Well, they just made it enormous, and I have a feeling that the G90, the flagship sedan, could be on the chopping block. If you guys love updates on Korean cars, smash the like button.

Genesis is a very impressive luxury brand; I see them everywhere where I live. The most successful Genesis dealership in the entire United States, possibly even the world in terms of a volume perspective, is literally in my town of Naples, Florida.


Market Challenges and Electrification

Now, what we’re talking about right here is the new electrified G80. It’s not sold at volume here in the United States. EVs right now are not seeing a lot of success, but what we’re seeing here could absolutely modify their lineup as we go into the future. You know, sedans in general are not selling well, and then you make them electrified, and look, the Model 3 sales, even though it’s just got a refresh, those sales are in the gutter right now.

Value Concerns with EVs

The G80, if we go to—and this is the old one, which is still fantastic—look at my area, 2023. They keep dropping the price. It’s less than $45,000 and less than 2,000 miles. That—I mean, I don’t know how much this vehicle’s worth. That’s the thing with EVs; they plummet after initial ownership.

No one really knows what they’re worth or how fast they’re going to lose their value. So, if you get a good lease deal, that’s the best way to do it, even though this seems like an amazing deal at $45,000. What is it really worth? That’s the thing; the market is still deciding that and it’s still coming down in price.

Exterior Design and Updates

2025 Genesis G80 Exterior Design and Updates
2025 Genesis G80 Exterior Design and Updates

Very, very interesting. But I want to go back to the G80. Here on the left is the new G80; on the right is the one it’s replacing. We have new wheel styles, upgraded headlights—they’re even more sharp before, they’re more like the G90’s.

They also have improved the charging port, which is nestled right here. It’s still in the same spot but is now motorized, which is pretty luxurious. The Audi e-tron I remember having motorized charging ports. Now, the bottom portion has been cleaned up a little bit, in my opinion, while also looking maybe a hair bit sportier.

But it still looks very much like a G80, just subtle changes here, and I like that Genesis didn’t overstyle the G80. They have a reputation of overstyling just a little too much, but here it looks spot on. I think it’s a gorgeous looking luxury sedan.

Interior Upgrades

But you can just see back here, this is—I mean, the wheelbase has been stretched 5 inches. It is now 123.6 miles. The new one has a 95.4 kWh battery. We don’t know range in EPA quite yet, but there’s no way it is not well over 300 miles of range.

I want to say I got like 350 miles in here in Florida with my testing on the previous G80 electrified. With a bigger battery, I don’t know, can we stretch it to 370, 380 miles with the type of driving I do? Will be interesting.

Technology and Interior Design

2025 Genesis G80 Technology and Interior Design
2025 Genesis G80 Technology and Interior Design

Let’s go to interior versus interior; we have some changes as well. Now, I have no problems with the G80 interior at all; I love it.

But if you notice a couple of things here, instead of the screen sitting on the dash, they have lowered it and got rid of this 14-inch screen and the gauge cluster behind the steering wheel, and they’ve given us one big OLED screen, a 27-inch OLED screen versus the 14 and a half inch screen here.

I love this marble patterning here; I hope we see that carry over in some shape or form. It looks like it’s here, maybe in the middle of the dash now.

Even the steering wheel is different here with the design of it. It’s a little bit more similar to other Genesis models at this point.

I like the old-school steering wheel, though; some people hate the two-spoke steering wheel, I love it. Alright, the three-spoke, it’s fine. Genesis has great steering wheels. The back seat as well—let me just make this bigger here—the back seat on the new G80 electric.

Luxurious Backseat Features

Take a look at all this legroom; it’s like stepping into a VIP lounge, reminiscent of the G90, complete with rear screens. While I’m not certain if these seats offer massage functions, they’re definitely heated, ventilated, and equipped with memory settings.

The rear controls remind me of the G90, a car my daughters affectionately call “the Queen’s car.” The luxurious stitching on the doors and the ceiling vents add to the opulence.

There’s even what appears to be a drop-down mirror—possibly a vanity mirror, though it’s hard to confirm from these initial images.

Exterior and Profile Analysis

2025 Genesis G80 Exterior and Profile Analysis
2025 Genesis G80 Exterior and Profile Analysis

Wow, I’m really impressed with this blue interior and all its intricate details, especially the checkermark patterns. It’s incredibly beautiful, and the screens, while I’m not usually a fan of screens in the back, don’t seem to hinder passenger comfort with this much legroom. Let’s check out any other pictures we have.

The new wheel designs are stunning and quite unique. Moving on, I’ve noticed slight changes to the rear of the vehicle and the side profile really highlights the elongated wheelbase and those extended windows.

With such luxury on offer, one might wonder about the necessity of the G90. Some customers may prefer a large sedan with a gasoline-powered engine over a fully electric one like this. Perhaps that’s why Genesis might keep the G90 around, equipped with its twin-turbo V6 3.3-liter engine, supercharged with a 48-volt mild hybrid system—though it’s a complex setup.

Comparatively, the electric powertrain in the G80 is simpler, relying on just a battery pack and dual motors. While we’re unsure if these motors have been upgraded for the G80 Electric, I’d imagine they have been.

Upcoming Launch and Pricing Insights

Coming soon, August 2024, for the 2025 electrified G80. That’s for Korea, though; I don’t know when we’ll start seeing it Stateside. I hope it’s by the end of this year, but time will tell, and we should get more information on this beautiful sedan in the near future.

The current G80 Electric is around $75,000 in the US; at least on the new market. On the used market, you can get a gently used one for $45,000.

That is absurd, absolutely absurd, what these are priced at for what is my favorite electric sedan on the market.

Concept Unveiling and Future Directions

In other Genesis news, they recently revealed the X Grand Racer VGT concept at the Busan International Mobility Show. This vehicle is featured in Gran Turismo.

While it’s intriguing, I’m personally not overly excited about it because it’s highly conceptual. Genesis has introduced numerous concept vehicles, from anticipated luxury coupes and convertibles to this latest addition.

Nevertheless, it does stir anticipation for their Magma series, which is akin to AMG or M Series, depending on your perspective. I’m particularly looking forward to the Magma series, although the X Grand Racer VGT concept doesn’t quite capture my enthusiasm.

It’s reportedly based on the Genesis GR 55 EV, an impressive electric vehicle. I’m eagerly anticipating more details on the GR 55 EV and whether this concept shares its foundation.

Market Insights and Community Engagement

Some enthusiasts argue that this could be the most attractive vehicle Genesis has ever produced. Personally, though, it reminds me of a Porsche 918 with all its aero enhancements, which might come off as a bit overdone.

Moving on from that, Genesis is actively engaged in expanding and enhancing their lineup. They’re focused on refining models like the G80, G70, and G90, recognizing that the sedan market is currently challenging.

Despite this, there remains a dedicated community of sedan lovers who appreciate their efforts. It’s a lesser-known fact, but Genesis is making strides to cater to this passionate demographic.

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