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2025 Skoda Felicia Pickup: Power, Performance, and Affordability

The 2025 Skoda Felicia pickup is a fascinating mix of historical legacy and future-forward innovation. Originally, the Felicia was the first Skoda model developed under the Volkswagen umbrella back in 1994.

This model family, which includes the hatchback and Felicia Combi versions, as well as the pickup, van plus, and fun models, has enjoyed immense popularity among customers. Now, as part of Skoda’s 2025 strategy, the company is transforming from a traditional car manufacturer into a “Simply Clever” company, aiming to deliver the best mobility solutions.

2025 Skoda Felicia Pickup
2025 Skoda Felicia Pickup

Power and Performance

While exact details about the power and performance of the 2025 Skoda Felicia pickup are not yet available, we can draw some clues from its predecessors.

The original Felicia pickup models boasted power outputs ranging from 54 to 75 horsepower. The Skoda Pickup Felicia Fun, for example, had a top speed of 101 mph and could accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in just 12.5 seconds.


Given Skoda’s commitment to innovation and improvement, we can expect the 2025 model to deliver even more impressive performance.

Release Date

Skoda has confirmed that new models, including electric vehicles, are part of its 2025 strategy. While the exact release date for the 2025 Skoda Felicia pickup hasn’t been announced yet, other models such as the Skoda Enyaq iV are slated for introduction in 2025. This suggests that the Felicia pickup could also hit the market around the same time.


Pricing details for the 2025 Skoda Felicia pickup have not been officially disclosed. However, we can glean some insights by looking at the pricing strategy for other upcoming Skoda models.

For instance, the new Skoda Enyaq iV is expected to cost under $220,000. If Skoda applies a similar pricing approach to the Felicia pickup, it could become one of the most affordable pickups available.


The 2025 Skoda Felicia pickup is shaping up to be a vehicle that perfectly combines Skoda’s rich history with its ambitious vision for the future.

With anticipated performance improvements, a potential launch in 2025, and a competitive price point, this pickup is sure to appeal to Skoda enthusiasts and pickup lovers alike. Stay tuned for more details as they emerge.

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