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Should You Buy the 2024 Mustang GT? A Detailed Look

Here we are with the 2024 Mustang GT Premium, featuring a 5.0L V8 engine that produces 480 horsepower.

The Mustang comes with huge four-piston Brembo brakes, front and back. I like the car with a spoiler on the back, but even without it, this still looks really good. The back end has an awesome redesign as well, and this model has an active exhaust. Let’s go for a drive and see how this thing feels.

I absolutely love how this interior looks. The gauge cluster follows the old school Fox body design. If you go to the little Mustang button and click cluster theme, you can change it in several different ways. There’s Sport and Track, with Track being my favorite. This one is for sale for $55,000.

Just before i tell you about my drive experience, I want to give a big thank you Ford for providing us with this vehicle to review.


First Impressions

First Impressions 2024 Mustang GT
First Impressions 2024 Mustang GT

All right, here we go. First of all, right on this steering wheel here, you’re able to adjust your drive modes nice and easy, which I really like. Let’s go and throw it in track for this drive. Guys, the 2024 Mustang GT is a bit pricey, but it is just such a great upgrade from the previous model S550 Mustang GTs.

I think it sounds 10 times better, the interior is 10 times better, and that’s one of the big things about these cars because Mustangs, or really any American car, is known for just, you know, having a good engine and a great sound as well, but it seriously lacks on the interior until now.

Now this one does not have the drift brake down here, but that’s okay, we’re not going to be drifting the brand new GT today. We will one day, I promise. All right, let’s do a little acceleration right here to start it off. Wow, oh my gosh, it does not.

Engine and Sound

2024 Mustang GT Engine and Sound
2024 Mustang GT Engine and Sound

Listening to that, that V8 sounds incredible. You can opt for an active exhaust on this thing. It’s a little bit more than a $1,000 option, and that gives you the quad tip exhaust in the back instead of the Dual tip exhaust. Either way, both sound great, but I really do like the option of being able to start this thing in quiet mode or let it just scream if that’s what you so choose to do.

This thing is also comfortable enough, it feels like you can just corner this beast, and you absolutely can, by the way. But also, if you just kind of want to comfortably get to work, I mean, you can do that too. This is a great mix of everything.

Yes, you still do get the exact same 5 L V8, but it does make 20 horsepower more from the previous version, which is nice. It’s not a whole lot of power gains, but I am happy with that because the 5 L V8 that’s in Mustangs is a great platform to do anything you want with it.

If you keep it stock, you can still abuse the car and it’s going to last you a long, long time. If you want to boost it, if you want to throw a supercharger on it, any modifications, maybe you just want to do E85 and make 500 wheel horsepower, it’s up to you. These things are just so friendly to do anything that you want with them.

It is absolutely awesome, and just having this new interior, this new exterior, this brings the Mustang to a whole new level. Now considering this thing does cost $55,000, you also have to know you can get a GT 350 from 2017 to 2020, that’s an option as well.

But I don’t know, you get the 10-speed automatic in this thing, you get that. The GT 350 does sound fantastic, but this one does sound really good too. It’s really just about the amenities that you get in this interior. It is awesome.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient Lighting 2024 Mustang GT
Ambient Lighting 2024 Mustang GT

A Mustang with ambient lighting, like, who would have ever thought that would have been possible. You don’t need to have the windows down, that’s how good and loud this V8 sounds, and that is exactly what you want from a Mustang.

I did drive the 2024 Mustang EcoBoost and that just didn’t offer enough to me. If I bought a 2024 Mustang, I have to go with this. It looks just like the Scat Pack we reviewed. I wonder if we actually just see the cars that we review all around when we drive, that happens a lot.

Turning Radius and Downshift

Turning Radius and Downshift
Turning Radius and Downshift

Oh man, downshift. All right, we’re going to try out the turning radius here and that is, yep, that is just enough. Very nice, wow, I mean it just sounds incredible. I already reviewed the GT 350, but something about this 5.0 with this exhaust, the active exhaust, makes me say this sounds better than the GT 350.

I know how absurd that might sound to you, but I genuinely mean that it sounds so mean and growly. Take a listen, wow, wow, and this thing is sufficiently fast as well. If you’re going to be driving on the road and not taking this to a track, you really don’t need more acceleration power than this has to offer.

Going on the interstate or just on a back road with this thing and letting it ring out is going to be an absolute blast. We’ve done that on this channel and that was one of the most fun days I’ve ever had, just taking this car on some back roads and letting it ring out. Oh my gosh, the whole thing flows together so nicely.

Brake Testing

Let’s test out those brakes. Ready? Yep, just fine. Again, four piston brakes front and back, and this car weighs just under 4,000 lb, so yeah, it’s a little bit heavy, but this isn’t really supposed to be like a Porsche Cayman.

Obviously, this is something that you can easily, easily daily drive with all this interior amenities that you get. The heated and cooled seats, the heated steering wheel, just push that on right now. Changing the ambient lighting inside of this car, one of the most responsive infotainment systems I have ever used.

Valet Mode and Infotainment

You get valet mode in there. The whole thing is, I give it like an eight out of 10 for being in the $5,000 price range. All right, let’s take off a little bit here. Wow, and this car definitely feels very heavy. You can feel it, just pushing the 4,000 lbs, but again, this thing has enough power to do it very easily.

It sounds, it feels, it moves just like a muscle car and looks just like a muscle car with the S550 being more of a smooth, curvy design. This one is much more of a true to the muscle heritage of Mustang, which I am definitely a fan of.

Muscle Car Feel & Comparison with BMW

This is the definition of a Mustang, absolutely love it. So should you buy this thing? Yes, if you have the money, 100%. There are a lot of options in the $50,000 to $60,000 price range, but with this interior, it really makes it a bit more competitive with a car like a BMW.

By the way, BMWs almost all have inline six engines. You do not get the sound that this one produces in a BMW, which makes this a lot more appealing to me over a BMW.

Again, to each their own. Be open-minded by the way, don’t be close-minded when you have a car. Some people just choose a brand and they hate everything else, well you’re missing out on a lot.

Final Thoughts

So all in all, I think the redesign for 2024 for Mustangs is absolutely amazing. If you’re considering buying this vehicle, you will not regret it if you are down to spend the $50,000 to $60,000, depending on which trim level you get and what you add to the car.

This has so much to offer and I could not imagine getting tired of this car ever. This is one of the best sounding cars I have ever reviewed. I seriously mean that, better than the C7 Corvette, better than the C8 Corvette, arguably better than the GT350.

Now the C8 Corvette looks better exterior design wise than this one, but the redesign is still really good. You can see my 2016 Mustang EcoBoost right in pictures.

Driving this one just makes me really want to go in debt and get this thing. It is an awesome package. Let me know what your favorite thing about this car is design-wise, is it interior or exterior.

Personal Recommendation

I already know I’m sure you guys are going to absolutely love the engine. If you have not ridden in one or driven one yet, trust me, it is better than I’m even making it sound.

It shifts well, it sounds phenomenal, and it absolutely moves this car. The downshifts, you even get a nice little pop as soon as you downshift and then you floor it and hear that thing absolutely roar.

So many interior features and amenities to go over as well. thank you for reading entire article on 2024 Mustang GT Premium. hope i have not bored you.

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