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First Impressions: 2025 KIA TASMAN PICKUP TRUCK

Kia is set to release a mid-size pickup truck in 2025, with details about the vehicle being unveiled periodically. The company is showing more signs of recent development, with the Tasman confirmed for Korea.

Anticipation is mounting as the truck is poised to hit the roads in Australia, followed by a triumphant entry into the United States market. Kia is aiming for the top spot in the automotive world, and the upcoming pickup is their ticket to ride.


The Long-Awaited Tasman

The 2025 Kia truck, dubbed Tasman, has been in development for a long time, with the concept starting 20 years ago with the Mojave prototype.

Although fans and experts were originally expecting a mid-size model, with the emergence of the compact truck class, new options were open. However, the upcoming Tasman is likely to take the position in the larger segment.


What We Know So Far?

Kia Motors has given the green light to their latest project, a pickup truck codenamed ‘Tasman.’ The company aims to expand its lineup to a new segment and compete with other automakers. Although they haven’t yet revealed too many details about the new vehicle, we know it will use a ladder frame, which suggests it won’t be a compact truck.

The Tasman pickup truck represents a pivotal venture for Kia, heralding the company’s debut in the fiercely contested mid-size pickup truck arena. With a focus on seizing a substantial market slice, Kia intends to deliver a blend of style and utility unparalleled in its class. Anticipated to go head-to-head with rivals like the Toyota Tacoma and the Ford Ranger, the Tasman aims to carve its niche among picky truckers.

Spy Photos

The new model has been caught on several occasions, every time in its homeland. Also, every time, the Tasman was under heavy camo, showing no details and leaving a lot of room for imagination.

Truckers can’t get an official statement from Kia and the truck is yet to be tested in the United States. From what we see on spy shots, the pickup is going to belong to the midsize segment with extended body length.

Also, the Kia badge can be seen etched in the front grille camouflage, so there is no mistake about the manufacturer.


As a midsize truck, the 2025 Tasman is expected to pack a punch with a V6 engine borrowed from the Telluride SUV. The unit is ready to produce 290 horsepower, meeting the demands of the class.

However, the winds of change in the industry are blowing towards smaller, turbocharged engines that promise enhanced efficiency without compromising on power and towing capacity.

Kia might shift its focus towards a turbo-four plant, prioritizing improved mileage over the V6 drivetrain. Regardless of the engine choice, expect the truck to roll out with an 8-speed automatic transmission as standard, ensuring a towing capacity of at least 6,000 pounds.

No Hybrid Yet

While there are more hybrid trucks available now, Kia is sticking to I-C-E setups. Such an engine could be a game-changer for the compact class, but the mid-size segment demands raw power for extra towing capability.

Despite Kia’s proven success in the EV realm with vehicles such as the Niro crossover, don’t hold your breath for an electrified truck just yet. But who knows? With Kia’s track record, the future may very well be electrifying.

Release Date

The Tasman pickup truck, slated for the 2025 model year, is set to debut in the first half of the upcoming year. The production will take place in South Korea, and the truck will be delivered there and to the Australian market initially. Meanwhile, the North American edition will roll off the assembly lines of plants stationed in the USA and Canada.

Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the official launch of the 2025 Kia Tasman!

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