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2025 Pontiac Firebird: What to Expect

Sometimes, it takes only a small spark to light a huge fire. Car and Driver recently ignited such a spark with their ad, even though the fine print revealed it was fake. Yet, this full-page ad in a well-known magazine has left many wondering: Is the Pontiac Firebird really making a comeback, or is it all just a big joke?

2025 Pontiac Firebird
2025 Pontiac Firebird

First off, who would pay for a full-page ad just for a joke? It’s not cheap. On the flip side, why would Car and Driver allow such speculations to circulate? Fans are convinced there’s more to the story.

The timing is perfect for the Pontiac Firebird to return, especially since General Motors, the proud owner of the Pontiac brand, recently decided to discontinue the Chevy Camaro, one of the last muscle cars still in production.

Sacrificing such potential profits isn’t typical for big companies, and GM isn’t likely to leave the market to Ford and the Mustang without a fight.


The news of the Camaro’s discontinuation shocked fans, and now we have another bombshell about Pontiac’s return. It feels like a master plan in motion. The final edition of the Camaro is the last chance to own this legendary vehicle.

While bosses might spin it as a joke or a change of heart, continuing to produce Chevy’s Pony car isn’t what big car makers do. Instead, launching a replacement makes more sense, and no other model fits the bill better than the Firebird. General Motors could be testing the waters with this ad, whether they’re in partnership with Car and Driver or pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Muscle cars and V8 engines are a perfect combo, but the 2025 Pontiac Firebird might need a different engine to keep up with modern efficiency standards. Today, many V8 drivetrains are being swapped for Turbo 6 power plants, naturally aspirated V6 engines, and smaller four-cylinder mills that can match outputs thanks to turbochargers.

Let’s delve into General Motors’ engine lineup to find the perfect match for the Firebird. The company still uses V8 engines, and the easiest route might be to carry over the lineup from the outgoing Chevy Camaro.

But the muscle car scene needs a shake-up. We can’t find a turbocharged six-cylinder GM configuration for the high-performance 2025 Pontiac Firebird, so something entirely new might be on the horizon.

The idea of an electric muscle car doesn’t sit well with many enthusiasts. We’re not ready to buy into General Motors’ “electric future is now” narrative. While the shift could be postponed for another 10 to 15 years, there’s still a slight chance it might happen sooner.

It would be a completely different Pontiac. Times are changing, and even a modernized Firebird with an internal combustion engine would differ significantly from the old-school models. An electric vehicle (EV) would be something else entirely.

On top of GM’s push into the EV market, there’s another wildcard at play. Dodge has teased an electric muscle car. Although it might seem like an oxymoron, car makers are using this strategy to draw more attention to the EV segment.

Unfortunately, the Pontiac Firebird could be used to hype up electric rides, which might backfire. Those who dislike EVs might turn their backs even more, potentially damaging Pontiac’s legendary reputation.

Returning to the spark that started it all, Car and Driver magazine fueled the rumors about Pontiac’s comeback. This topic has always been popular among enthusiasts, but now there’s new hope that the Firebird might soon take flight from the Pontiac nest.

The muscle car scene isn’t exactly thriving, so even with the Camaro bidding farewell, it doesn’t automatically mean a replacement is imminent.

One of the most likely scenarios is an electric muscle car that will compete with Dodge’s new model. Our previous video about the brand’s comeback stirred up a storm of debate.

There are still fans holding out hope for the Firebird’s return. What do you think? Does Pontiac and the Firebird have a shot at redemption? Share your thoughts in the comments section and don’t forget to check out our other articles.

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