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2025 Nissan Juke All Updates & Redesign Info

One of the most economical cars that Nissan has ever released is the Nissan Juke. This is a car that will help you run your errands without having to worry too much about fuel. Not only that, but even with all this fame, it is not that old; it was first introduced to the market in 2020. Since then, it’s gone on to grow and become a go-to car for someone looking for something low budget.

What’s New in 2025 Nissan Juke?

What's New in 2025 Nissan Juke?
What’s New in 2025 Nissan Juke?

Nissan has now decided to update it. However, most of the changes will not be on the exterior. The major upgrade that the car will be getting is new technology. So what changes can we expect to see on the tech side? Let’s find out.

Tech Upgrades:

We are at a time when every automaker is teasing us with updates for the 2025 model year. So far, we’ve seen some exciting cars coming in 2025, and let’s just say that the competition next year will be pretty tough.

Every automaker is looking to change the world of Automotive, making changes that are all impressive. One such automaker is Nissan.


Nissan is looking to upgrade its cars, hoping to dominate some categories, and so far, we can see that the changes will be something worth looking forward to.

Exterior Changes:

2025 Nissan Juke Exterior Changes
2025 Nissan Juke Exterior Changes

One of the cars that the automaker has decided to switch up is the infamous Nissan Juke. Not so long ago, the refreshed Nissan Juke was revealed. At first, just by looking at it, you’ll think that it doesn’t have many changes. However, beneath the exceedingly minor exterior changes, there’s some solid equipment that has been upgraded for the small SUV. And from what they announced, these changes will be pretty amazing.

Nissan Australia has already confirmed that they will be bringing some updates for the Juke to the local showrooms before the end of this year 2024. However, they never really went too much into the details. As much as they teased everyone with the updates, the pricing and actual specifications will be released as they get closer to the launch date.

Having launched in 2020, the Nissan Juke is only halfway through its current Generations life cycle. This simply means that the car is still quite far from a complete overhaul of its style, powertrain, and Technology. However, that doesn’t mean that the automaker can’t make a few updates here and there.

The exterior changes for the 2025 Nissan Juke are particularly minor for a midlife update. The updated Juke was revealed in nend sport guise, which is yet to be locked in for Australia.

The exterior was pretty interesting, pairing bright yellow paint with a black roof to add some nice aesthetics to it. It sported black mirror caps, a black grill, wheels, wheel arch inserts, and A and B minus pillars. This gives it a bit of a rugged yet aggressive look.

Even though the photos released by Nissan only show the new Juke in Sport, it seems as though all grades will be fitted with a revised Grill. And from the looks of it, they will finally be getting rid of the Chrome heavy current unit. Furthermore, a new trim strip spans across the top, running through the Brand’s badge.

However, that’s as far as the exterior upgrades go for 2024. Even with that, we can still expect to see a few more changes on the exterior, some of which we may have missed in the photos released by the automaker.

Interior Enhancements:

Interior Enhancements:
Interior Enhancements:

The majority of the changes have been made to the interior. And with these changes, let’s just say that the automaker has successfully changed the aesthetics and driving experience inside.

The interior looks even more modern now, sporting some conspicuous yet perfectly placed changes. The first thing you’ll notice is that the automaker has done away with the 8.0 in infotainment unit that was standard across all grades. Now the standard infotainment unit is a 12.3 in screen.

Furthermore, a 12.3 in digital instrument cluster will also replace the conventional analog or 7.0 in digital displays in the existing Juke.

This means that the controls are no longer squeezed up on a small screen, and you get better quality when it comes to the graphics. In addition to enhancing the infotainment screen, the automaker has also made some improvements to passenger comfort. Now the ride will be even more comfortable than ever with new front seats.

On the dashboard, the automaker has added a wireless charging pad, two pairs of USBA and USBC ports, a larger glove box, and a longer-reaching center console lid, among other upcoming adjustments.

The cockpit will no longer be what it used to be with these adjustments enhancing the experience for the passengers and the driver.

To make the driving experience better, Nissan has also included a higher resolution reversing camera, making it easier to reverse.

As long as there are some changes to the cockpit and the technology, the powertrain will remain untouched. Well, this is as far as we know. The Australian delivered Nissan juke’s turbocharged 1.0 L 3-cylinder petrol engine will remain unchanged.

This means that the 2025 Nissan Juke will still have about 84 kW of power and 180 NM of torque, which is enough to get you through your daily errands.

Just like before, the European market will have the advantage of having a hybrid Juke. Even though Nissan Australia still has the desire to continue producing the Juke, it was the Brand’s third lowest selling model locally in this might be because it doesn’t really have much to offer.

Last year, the total sales of the Nissan Juke stood at about units, and as much as this was quite low, it puts it ahead of only Niche models such as the Leaf electric hatchback, which managed to sell about units, and the Z sports coupe, which sold only units.

However, that does not remove the fact that those sales numbers are quite low. Furthermore, the Nissan Juke was also the second least popular light SUV, notching up more sales than its Reno capture cousin, which sold units. Behind this was the Ford Puma, which has since been axed locally by the blue oval.

One of the things that were added to the 2025 Nissan Juke is the inclusion of an electric parking brake across all trims. This new parking brake will be standard across all variants, marking an update from the previous model.

For the previous model, this was only available for mid-range and higher grades. Furthermore, the vehicle features an improved rear-view camera, giving the driver a better view of the back.

The 2025 Nissan Juke’s enhancements, especially those in the interior technology, all aim to meet evolving consumer expectations. Not only that, but the automaker has to ensure that they do this without altering the vehicle’s established exterior design significantly. After all, there’s no other car that looks like the Nissan Juke.

2025 Nissan Juke Price

2025 Nissan Juke Release Date
2025 Nissan Juke Release Date

Reports indicate that the starting price for the 2025 Nissan Juke will be approximately $22,100, with the top model potentially reaching $29,000. However, official confirmation from Nissan is pending. Stay tuned for updates on the pricing and features of the 2025 Nissan Juke.

Release Date for the 2025 Nissan Juke

Recent updates suggest that the release date for the 2025 Nissan Juke has been delayed, with the anticipated launch now slated for March 2025. Production of the first batch is expected to commence in February 2025, indicating a slight shift in the initial timeline.

Consumer Response and Conclusion:

One thing that the Nissan Juke has gotten, especially all over Australia, is mixed feelings. There are people who seem to love its design, while others just outright hate it.

However, since it was introduced in 2020, a number of style-focused, value-conscious new models have been launched. Some of these include the GWM Haval Jolion, the Cherry Oto 5, the Ford Puma, and the new generation Renault Captur.

All these have gone on to become some of the Juke’s major competitors. Even though the Juke is still ahead of them, and when you compare all these cars with the Nissan Juke, let’s just say that the Juke looks a bit more normal. Last year, the Juke had a few updates, some of which were a bit interesting. The car had a slightly tweaked exterior appearance with a new look grill and rear spoiler.

In addition to that, it also had some minor aerodynamic enhancements and updated Nissan badging. This is the reason why Nissan decided that for this year, they would focus more on the interior, which they’ve done an amazing job at.

For now, we only have a glimpse of the changes made to the interior, but with time, we’ll get to learn more about the changes to the 2025 Nissan Juke.

What do you think of the changes so far? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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