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2025 Lincoln Town Car Unveiled

Ford has made some major changes in its lineup, dropping almost all of its car models in the US. The legendary Mustang has remained the sole survivor of this big cleanup. However, there’s exciting news on the horizon for luxury car enthusiasts. The 2025 Lincoln Town Car is making a comeback, aiming to revive the luxury car segment.

2025 Lincoln Town Car Unveiled
2025 Lincoln Town Car Unveiled

A Bold New Focus for Ford

Ford and its branches are now all about segments that promise maximum profit, specifically crossovers, SUVs, and trucks. Despite this shift, the executives are willing to give another shot to the Town Car nameplate, which was discontinued in 2011.

The fourth generation of the Town Car is set to debut next year with fresh styling, a premium interior, and efficient engines designed to compete with the likes of the Mercedes S-Class and Lexus LS.

Modern Updates with a Nod to Tradition

The new platform is a must for this sedan, resulting in updated dimensions for the new Town Car. While becoming more compact will enhance efficiency, it may affect interior comfort.


However, the 2025 model will introduce plenty of innovations, including new wheels, exterior paints, headlights, and taillights. Lincoln is focusing on improved aerodynamics, making the Town Car appear more stylish and sporty. Despite these changes, the ultimate goal remains to deliver a luxury car that looks sophisticated and classy.

Luxurious Interior

When you buy a Lincoln, one thing you don’t need to worry about is the interior. Known for their luxurious and stylish designs, Lincoln vehicles come packed with modern accessories.

The 2025 Town Car will be no different. Expect traditional wood accents combined with modern chrome trims. All materials inside the cabin will look premium and high-quality, with soft-touch surfaces being a must for this luxury sedan.

Ford’s luxury division is all about high-end features, materials, and accessories. Regardless of the drivetrain, the 2025 Lincoln Town Car will feature premium leather seats that maximize comfort.

Whether you need cooling, heating, or massaging seats, the new Town Car has it all. The multimedia system will deploy the latest tech goodies, large touchscreens, and an advanced sound system with numerous speakers.

Top-Tier Features with the Black Label Treatment

The 2025 Town Car might also receive the Black Label treatment, which is the top-of-the-line package for most Lincoln vehicles. This version brings a unique interior with a thematic scheme.

The Navigator and Aviator SUVs offer glimpses of what the Town Car could become. Even without the Black Label, the new Town Car will be packed with special features and high-end systems, particularly in terms of safety.

Power and Performance

One thing is guaranteed: the luxury sedan will be large and will require plenty of power. Expect an output between 300 and 400 horsepower. A turbocharged 2.7-liter V6 engine can deliver around 350 hp, while a 3.5-liter twin-turbo system can burst up to 450 ponies.

Additionally, new vehicles may come with a hybrid version of this setup, which, while offering slightly reduced power at 430 hp, provides enhanced torque ranging from 510 to 580 pound-feet.

We might also see a plug-in hybrid configuration, similar to the one available for the Aviator SUV. If implemented, this setup could make the sedan one of the most powerful luxury cars on the market, with an impressive 495 horsepower output and an electric range of 30-40 miles.

Electric Future

Speaking of EVs, there are a few interesting concepts that the new car could be based on, allowing an electric version to enter production soon. The L100 is an intriguing prototype that could hit the roads pretty soon.

However, the concept is quite futuristic, with many imaginative design elements. A more classic look combined with an electric battery would be a promising approach. Although sedans are not as practical as crossovers and SUVs, Lincoln is willing to give it a try.

The company hasn’t abandoned the car class entirely, and the L100 concept proves that. If the 2025 Lincoln Town Car EV shows up, it will look very different from both the L100 concept and previous generations of the Town Car.

Release Date

The comeback of the 2025 Lincoln Town Car is still an unofficial story, but many insiders are reporting on the return of this popular luxury vehicle. The EV market opens up more possibilities. Even if production begins later this year, sales are not expected to start immediately, and the car will be a 2025 model year.

Expected Price

As for pricing, this luxury sedan won’t be a bargain. Similar cars are priced above $80,000, with the Mercedes S-Class selling for around $115,000.

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