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2025 INFINITI QX80 – Specs, Interior, Price & Release Date

The year 2025 heralds a new era of sophistication and innovation in the automotive world with the introduction of the all-new 2025 INFINITI QX80.

This flagship SUV showcases a stunning redesign inspired by the QX Monograph concept vehicle, signaling a bold leap forward in both style and technology. Let’s explore what sets the 2025 QX80 apart as a standout contender in the luxury SUV segment.

Engine & Performance

Engine & Performance
Engine & Performance
EngineTwin-turbo 3.0-liter V-6
TransmissionNine-speed automatic
PerformanceSmooth and responsive, Exhilarating driving experience, Suitable for city streets and open highways
2025 INFINITI QX80 – Engine & Performance

In terms of its engine, transmission, and overall performance, the 2025 QX80 is equipped with a robust twin-turbo 3.0-liter V-6 engine.

This engine is capable of producing an impressive 450 horsepower, providing drivers with exhilarating performance on the road.


Paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission, the QX80 delivers a smooth and responsive driving experience, whether navigating through city streets or cruising along open highways.

Design Update of 2025 QX80

Design Update of 2025 QX80
Design Update of 2025 QX80

The 2025 QX80 undergoes a striking redesign, drawing inspiration from the QX Monograph concept to deliver a captivating exterior and interior transformation. With its commanding presence and modern aesthetic, the QX80 makes a bold statement on the road.

Exterior Design:

The new QX80 boasts an imposing front end with an upright stance, accentuated by a commanding grille that exudes confidence.

Sleek and sophisticated lighting elements enhance the SUV’s overall appeal, with a full-width light bar connecting the taillights across the liftgate, adding a touch of drama to the rear profile.

2025 INFINITI QX80 - Exterior
2025 INFINITI QX80 – Exterior

Dash Design and Monolith Screens:

Inside the cabin, luxury and technology converge to create a sanctuary for occupants. The centerpiece of the interior is the dual 14.3-inch high-definition Monolith screens, seamlessly integrated into the dashboard.

These screens redefine the driving experience with their crisp visuals and intuitive interface, providing access to the next generation INFINITI InTouch® system and its array of advanced features.

Personalized Ambient Lighting:

Catering to individual preferences and moods, the 2025 QX80 offers a customizable interior lighting experience. With a bold 64-color design palette, drivers can tailor the ambiance of the cabin to suit their desired atmosphere for every journey.

Whether it’s creating a warm and cozy feel with autumn hues or a sleek and modern vibe with cool winter tones, the ambient lighting adds a touch of luxury and refinement to the interior space.

Interior Features

  1. Biometric Cooling:
    • The 2025 QX80 introduces groundbreaking biometric cooling technology, a segment-first innovation.
    • This system uses passenger data to automatically adjust the interior temperature based on individual preferences.
    • Working alongside the Tri-Zone Climate Control System, biometric cooling ensures optimal comfort for all occupants.
  2. Klipsch® Premium Sound:
    • Elevating the audio experience, the QX80 offers the Klipsch® Reference Premiere Audio System.
    • Developed in collaboration with hi-fi innovator Klipsch®, this system boasts 24 speakers and DJX® 3D Surround Sound technology.
    • It delivers exceptional clarity and depth to every sound, enhancing the overall driving experience.
  3. Invisible Hood View and Front Wide View:
    • Confidence and safety are prioritized with advanced visibility features.
    • The Invisible Hood View provides a clear visualization of the front wheels through the hood, aiding precision driving and parking.
    • Meanwhile, the Front Wide View offers a nearly 180° forward view, facilitating navigation through blind corners and intersections.
  4. Individual Audio and Connectivity:
    • The QX80 introduces segment-first Individual Audio technology, allowing passengers to create personalized sound zones.
    • Each occupant can tailor their audio experience according to their preferences, ensuring everyone’s enjoyment.
    • Additionally, the SUV offers extensive connectivity options, including eight USB charging ports and available In-Vehicle Data and Wi-Fi technology, keeping everyone connected and entertained throughout the journey.

Safety Features

  1. Automated Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection:
    • Standard on all QX80 models, this feature helps mitigate or prevent collisions by automatically applying the brakes if a pedestrian is detected in the vehicle’s path.
  2. Lane-Departure Warning with Lane-Keeping Assist:
    • The QX80 alerts the driver if the vehicle unintentionally drifts out of its lane and can even provide steering assistance to help keep the vehicle centered.
  3. Blind-Spot Monitoring:
    • This system alerts the driver to vehicles in the blind spots, reducing the risk of side collisions when changing lanes.
  4. Adaptive Cruise Control:
    • Standard on all models, adaptive cruise control adjusts the vehicle’s speed to maintain a safe following distance from the vehicle ahead.
  5. ProPilot Assist 2.1:
    • Available on select trims, ProPilot Assist 2.1 enhances adaptive cruise control by offering a hands-free driving mode, providing additional convenience and safety on long journeys.
  6. Invisible Hood View:
    • Provides a clear view of the front wheels through the hood, aiding precision driving and parking maneuvers.
  7. Front Wide View:
    • Offers a near-180° forward view to assist in navigating blind corners and intersections with confidence.
  8. Standard Automated Emergency Braking:
    • Equipped with pedestrian detection, this system automatically applies the brakes in emergency situations to help avoid or mitigate collisions.
  9. Walk Away Status Alerts:
    • Alerts drivers if doors or windows are left open after exiting the vehicle, preventing potential theft or damage.
  10. High-Strength Body Structure:
    • The QX80’s robust body structure is engineered to provide enhanced protection in the event of a collision, ensuring the safety of occupants.

Warranty and Maintenance Coverage

The 2025 INFINITI QX80 comes with great warranty and maintenance benefits to keep you worry-free.

  • Warranty: You’re covered for four years or up to 60,000 miles for repairs.
  • Powertrain Warranty: Important parts like the engine and transmission are covered for four years or up to 70,000 miles.
  • Complimentary Maintenance: Enjoy free scheduled maintenance for three years or up to 45,000 miles.
  • Corrosion Protection: The QX80 has the longest corrosion protection in its class, keeping your vehicle looking good for longer.

With these benefits, owning a QX80 is not just about luxury—it’s about peace of mind too.

Pricing and Trims

The 2025 Infiniti QX80 offers a range of trims to suit different preferences and budgets, with prices starting at $84,445 and going up to $112,590 depending on the chosen trim and optional features.

  • Pure: Starting at $84,445, the Pure trim serves as the entry-level model, offering excellent value for money with a range of standard features.
  • Luxe: Priced at $91,545, the Luxe trim strikes a balance between affordability and luxury. It includes additional features such as an air-spring suspension system, a head-up display, heated-and-ventilated first- and second-row seats, and handsome 22-inch wheels.
  • Sensory: With a price tag of $102,640, the Sensory trim elevates the QX80’s luxury experience with even more premium amenities and advanced features.
  • Autograph: The top-of-the-line Autograph trim is priced at $112,590 and offers the most luxurious finishes and amenities, making it the ultimate choice for those seeking unparalleled luxury and sophistication.

When considering which trim to buy, the mid-range Luxe trim is recommended as it provides a good balance of features and affordability. However, buyers looking for the utmost luxury and premium features may opt for the Sensory or Autograph trims.

Release Date

According to sources, the 2025 QX80 is set to be released between September and November 2024. Be sure to bookmark this page, and we’ll provide updates with additional details on the all-new QX80 as they become available.

Our Thoughts on the 2025 QX80:

The 2025 QX80 is a big step forward for INFINITI’s top SUV. It looks great, inside and out, with lots of cool features. It’s also super safe and comes with a great warranty. Overall, it’s a fantastic choice for anyone who wants a luxury SUV that’s both stylish and practical.

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